Filippos Ntegidis

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Degphilip is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer that resides in Thessaloniki, Greece. He graduated from the Florina School of Fine Arts in 2011, and the Comink school in 2016, in which he teaches digital art since 2019. He has been working professionally as a freelance illustrator since 2017, creating portraits, animations, book covers, and illustrations for children’s books, and has taken part in numerous art exhibitions and comic conventions.

In 2019, along with Dimitris Sarlos, he published his first graphic novel, Pigings. Since then he has participated in many comic projects, such as “Enceladus’ Lullaby” with LoudMouse Crew Comics. His most recent works include the animated video clip “Περβόλι” for Αλγίμωτρα, 3D Mapping for the play “Around the World in 80 Days”, and Τραγουδοπαραμυθόκοσμος.

You can find Filippos’s work on his webpage.