George Papailiou

George is a comic book artist and illustrator living in Athens. From a young age, he liked drawing and reading comics and in 2016 he started taking lessons from comic book artist Nicolas Stefadouros.

So far, he has created a number of comic books like “Night Hunters“ (self-published), “60 Seconds to Τhe Εnd“ ( published by “Ekdoseis Tou Kampou”), “Halloween Zombies” ( published by Oops Comics) and he has also worked as a flat colorist in titles like Z-Troops (published by Oops Comics).

He has also participated in a number of self published anthologies with the last one being LMKO #1. His latest works “Person Of Interest” (self published) written and illustrated by him and Connie Tscichlogianni and Kintsugi Kids (Flat colors by him, and published by Oops Comics) are about to be released in 2023.

You can find George’s work on his Instagram page.