Cyprus K9 Rescue @ CCC’15

At this year’s Cyprus Comic Con Con there’ll be a special booth set up by Cyprus K9 Rescue fully dedicated to a geek’s best friend! It is a non-profit organization which takes care of homeless dogs and helps them in finding a new family and forever home. Cyprus K9 Rescue will be there to register new members to their club and also to take donations to help cover their running expenses such as renting kennels or buying of dog food.


 Cyprus K9 Rescue relies heavily on donations to further its cause and so we strongly encourage you to send any amounts via PayPal to Please donate!

Cyprus K9 Rescue was founded in Nicosia in 2014. Their prime objective is to develop and raise societal awareness about the state of rights and welfare for animals in Cyprus. This includes educating people about how best to care for animals and constantly striving to change society’s current mentality on the subject until animals can coexist with humans in true harmony.
In order to achieve their objectives, their members and volunteers are involved in various activities such as:
  1. The maintenance of a small shelter which takes care of strays and treats sick or injured dogs – ultimately helping them find a family and forever home.
  2. Collaboration with like-minded animal welfare organisations in Cyprus and abroad.
  3. Building and maintaining good relations and partnerships with various local & international governmental and non-governmental departments/agencies/organisations that may be able to help or contribute in some way.
If you would like to contribute to this effort too, you can!
  1. Temporarily host puppies or dogs before they’re flown to their new forever home.
  2. Donate any used or new blankets, carpets, clothes, towels, bowls, straps, dog houses and beds.
  3. Donate any dog food, canned or dry, as long as it’s fresh!
  4. Become a member or supporter of the club.
  5. Spread the word about animal protection, rights and welfare.
  6. Most importantly make sure you neuter your animals and install a microchip if you have not already done so!
For more information: +357 97 736990
For adoptions: +357 96 418883