Artist Profile: Iryna Bodnaruk

Iryna Bodnaruk was born and raised in Ukraine. She completed her studies there in art college and then more training at a printmaking academy. She moved to Limassol, 6 years ago, where she is currently based.

To see more of Iryna’s work,  visit her website and her pages on Behance and Facebook.

Iryna has been working as a freelance illustrator for quite some time now. Most of her illustrations are for young children. Some of her clients include: Scholastic NY, Fisher Price, Cowley Robinson, Glottogon Books, Glowberry Books, Sequel Creative, Highlights for Kids.

We were very impressed with Iryna’s clever way of incorporating real-life photographs with her illustrations. We are confident that her vibrant use of colours will definitely catch your eye and we are really pleased to feature more children’s illustration at our convention this year!

Are you looking forward to see more of Iryna’s work this coming August? Leave your comments below!