Cosplay Contest Winners 2016

On Saturday the 3rd of September, the con filled with hundreds of colourful cosplayers out of which 83 took part in our two category competition: 38 Fully Handmade and 45 Partly Handmade costumes. It’s mind-boggling to see so many talented local cosplayers when 3 years ago the closest most of us have been to dressing up as our favourite characters was at Karnavalia. All of them were amazing and the best competing ones are as follows:

 Fully Handmade Costumes

nyree-malthael1st Place

Nyree Hapetian
Diablo 3

EuroCosplay-logo2016-DateNyree will be representing Cyprus at the EuroCosplay Championship Final in London MCM Expo on the 29th of October 2016.

It took her 3 months of non-stop work to handcraft every inch of this costume. Here’s the process in her own words:

I designed and made the patterns myself. All the armour pieces consist of 3-5 separate pieces of EVA foam that I then stuck together using cement glue to make the thickness of a full piece. The foam has been shaped using heat, cleaned up with a rotary tool and sealed the with Gesso that I made myself using plaster, paint and white glue, before spray painting it. The armour detailing was hand-crafted from craft foam and hot glue and then accentuated with black acrylic paint to replicate the worn out metallic look. The armour straps are made out of faux leather and metal rings and all fabric parts are made out of thick cotton which was patterned by myself on a prototype cloth.

In order to give myself the shape of the character (broad shoulders and narrow waist) I heavily padded the shoulder pieces, so they will actually sit up and out of my shoulders as opposed to directly on it, to give myself the appearance of that body shape. I also had to build half stilts in order to appear taller.

For the two weapons I cut MDF boards for the base shape, which were then built up and detailed using more EVA foam.

Photo credits for the article: Alex Kokkinos and Ark Photography

2nd Place

Andrianos Zachariou
Artorias of the Abyss
Dark Souls


3rd Place

Constantinos Ioannou
Power Armor T-51b
Fallout 3


1st Runner-up

Nicos Tsouris
Khal Drogo
Game of Thrones


2nd Runner-up

Ahmet Mamali
Arcann Vrizla
Star Wars


6th Place

Gloria Roussou
Sylvanas Windrunner
Warcraft Universe (HotS)


7th Place

Natalie Pavlidou
Alexstrasza the Life-Binder
World of Warcraft


8th Place

Rafaela Constantinou
League of Legends


9th Place

Sofoklis Sofokleous


10th Place

Christina Vasiliou
Death Knight
World of Warcraft


Best Visitor

Anstasia & Liz
Zelda & Hindra
Legend of Zelda



Partly Handmade Costumes

1st Place

Panayiotis Paschalides
Terminator T- 800
Terminator 2


2nd Place

Christina Nikolaou
Miss Fortune
League of Legends


3rd Place

Michaela Chrisovalantou Kotsovos
Princess Mononoke


To all other participants, Thank you! You are all awesome!
Adonis Sergiou
Alexia Solomonidou
Anastasia Corniencov
Anastasia Glushkova
Anastasia Khenkin
Anastasis Konstantinou
Andri Theoharous
Anna Tomatzidou
Anthi Metaxa
Armen Godjamanian
Athina Kanari
Athina Shields
Avgoustinos Papakostas
Catrin Snaith
Christina Soudji
Christos Ioannou
Chrysanthi Papantoniou
Constantinos dimitriou
Costas Koulermou
Despina Kouppa
Elena Soteriou
Eleni Gkanasi
Eleni Superman
Eric Karefyllides
Eva Demetriou
Fiona Aynedjian
Galatia Nikolau
George Papanikolas
Irene Stylianou
Katerina Magou
Konstantinos Paschalis
Konstantinos Sitnikov
Leia Iordanou
Louiza vasiliadou
Lucas Shields
Maria Patsou
Marianna Theodorou
Mario Lavoie
Marios Drosopoulos
Maro Savvides
Martin Constantinou
Melina Triggis
Michael Shumeyko
Miguel Trapezaris
Nikolas Chrisostomu
Nikolas Ttallis
Panos Christoforou
Piotr Dębski
Rena Hadjiyianni
Salome Hatzimilti
Sandra Radjenovic
Sdav Guini
Sofia Nikiforova
Sophia Irene Kaniklidou
Spyros Komodromou
Tatiana Anisimova
Thal Ioannou
Theodora Zanettou
Theognosia Hadjiyianni
Vladis Michael
William Wheatley
Xenia Perdikou
Yolanda Parson
Άννα Αριστείδου
Ιόλη Ορφανίδη
Μάριος Κυριάκου
Μιχάλης Χατζηγιάννη
Νάσια Μάρκου
Τροοδία Χριστοφίδου