Constantinos Evdokimou is UK’s Hearthstone Champion!

hearthstone-constantinos-superninja-evdokimouOn Sunday November 20th, Cypriot Constantinos ‘SuperNinja’ Evdokimou was crowned as UK’s National champion at the Red Bull ESports 5G Hearthstone Finals!

This achievement marks a significant milestone in the history of Cyprus gaming and we couldn’t be more proud of Constantinos for winning his very first tournament.

The Qualifiers

After many hours of online qualifying and a regional, Northern Qualifiers Final at Manchester’s Play Expo last October, Constantinos who owns the nickname SuperNinja, won over player Blackout in a best-of-five match and was selected to represent Team North at the Red Bull 5G Finals that took place in Birmingham.

Funnily enough, when asked how it feels to be on Team North, Constantinos admitted that it was actually a mistake, as he was living in North London at the time and thought he was supposed to enter for the North! He quickly realised he was representing the wrong region, but in the end it didn’t really matter and he focused on beating the South!

The Hearthstone UK National Finals

We asked Constantinos about the tournament and whether he had any expectations of winning, to which he replied that he first joined the tournament because of his friend Charalambos Rotsas, who convinced him to give it a try and supported him through the whole experience.

“ I didn’t really join the tournament to win, I just wanted to see on which level I am and if I can really compete with high-skilled players. I’ve been playing Hearthstone for the last one and a half year but only took it to the level I’m now last summer, with hours of practicing which really paid off. It feels really good beating UK’s best Hearthstone players! ”

SuperNinja and Blackout had an epic battle for the crown of the Northern King.

He described the tournament experience as “absolutely amazing” and that he was not expecting so many preparations!

“ It was like a dream – playing against so many professional players on such a huge stage and most importantly going live on Twitch for the first time. ”

When asked about how familiar he is with the Hearthstone scene here in Cyprus, Constantinos admitted that he is not particularly active in it and that he hasn’t heard about any Cypriot Hearthstone players aiming to take it to the next level or compete in international tournaments.


Having said that, he wants to send a message to all the gamers that have been working hard in order to achieve something big:

“ Never give up on your dreams, eventually all that hard work and dedication really does pay off! All you have to do is believe in yourself and continue trying to get better and better. ”

Lastly, we asked Constantinos if he is part of any team just yet, to which he replied that unfortunately he is not, however he is currently looking for one and aspires to go even further and “why not, compete in world class tournaments!”

He sends out a huge thank you to all his friends for their great support throughout the tournament and generally for the entire journey!

While Team North didn’t win Red Bull 5G, Constantinos managed to win the Hearthstone Finals tournament against his opponent HelloLeeroy from Team South with the final score of 3-2.

You can watch Constantinos’ final match against HelloLeeroy on the official Red Bull ESports Twitch channel.