Connie Tsichlogianni

Connie Tsichlogianni is a comic book artist and illustrator living in Athens. She has a BA degree in Graphic Design, and has attended different comic book classes under the guidance of Nicolas Stefadouros (2019) and Nikos Koutsis(2022-23). Since 2019 she has illustrated various zines internationally, has collaborated with various Greek publishing houses such as ADDART and OOPS COMICS, has taken part in various comic cons, and teaches Art. In 2022-3, her first series of Greek comics was published, DEAD ACTIVE VOL 1 and 2, and its spinoff series Z-TROOPS (OOPS COMICS), as well as the manga KINTSUGI KIDS in collaboration with Nikolas Stefadouros. She has also self published two new works, MEDUSA’S CRY and PERSON OF INEREST (in collaboration with George Papailiou) in 2023, with more new publications coming soon.


KINTSUGI KIDS (Colorist – published by OOPS COMICS – 2023)

DEAD ACTIVE VOL 1 ( Colorist- published by OOPS COMICS – 2022)

DEAD ACTIVE VOL 2 (Colorist- published by OOPS COMICS – 2022)

Z-TROOPS (Colorist- published by OOPS COMIC -2022)


Everly #2 (2022 – Artist- published by the HELLENIC FANTASY LEGION)

To see more of Connie’s work make sure to visit her page on Instagram.