Arinela Kociko

Hello, my name is Arinela and I’m a freelance artist. I have six years of experience working on comic books and illustrations. I studied three years Comic Book Design in Athens and one year Visual Development in Rome (IDEA ACADEMY) I have self published four comic books titles and I have two with a publisher in Greece. I have done six animated music videos for bands and worked creating monthly covers for a scientific magazine for the last five years. My recent work is a webtoon called “Mist Wanderers” in collaboration with Micha Stoo an author based in US. The last five years I have been participating in comic cons around Europe such as (London Film and Comic Con, Paris Comic Con, Fantasy Basel Comic Con, The Swiss Comic Con Zurich, Athens Comic Con and many more) I would love to be part of your event this year. Thank you for your time!

To see more of Arinela’s work make sure to visit her page on Instagram.