Brain Jar Entertainment

Kyriakos Zakos, Achilleas, Pitsillides, Andreas Ioannou

Brain Jar Entertainment is a game development team that combines the unique skills of three exceptional artists, each with their own area of expertise.

Brain jar’s aspiration is to produce visually stunning products, deputing it’s first ever game demo to Cyprus Comic Con 2023 inviting the audience to experience a distinctive journey through bizarre storytelling and an unusual art style, where the player get to shape the outcome of the story from a plethora of choices.

(For the members of our team) Kyriakos Zakos is very eccentric when it comes to concept management. Combined with his unique eye for detail and his vast background in 3D modelling, it is a great recipe for constructing beautiful level designs and immersive atmospheres.

Kyriakos is responsible for shaping the overall look and feel of Brain Jar Entertainment’s games. Kyriakos is keg powder, full of ideas waiting to be manifested and produced into interactive stories for people to enjoy.

Another member of the team is Andreas Ioannou, a Game Technologies student specializing in character design and development. With the banding of Brain Jar Entertainment, the 3D artist goes public on his first official release and supplies the team’s games with immersive visuals, and characters.

Achilleas Pitsillides is a 3D modeler with a background in multimedia design and marketing, making him an essential member of the Brain Jar Entertainment team. With expertise in hard surface modeling, he offers a variety of skills to the team. He is always looking for ways to push the boundaries and create unique experiences.

 To see more of  Brain Jar Entertainment’s work make sure to visit their page on Instagram.