Mushroom Headz

Demetrios Marcou (Jimoner-Graffiti Writer), Evelina Pavlovskaya (Eve – Traditional artist)

Mushroom Headz, artistic duo founded in 2020, based in Cyprus.

Jim Oner, started off as a graffiti writer, with funky and colorful, characters, letterings and tags, who currently works with different techniques, on how to combine various mediums and textures onto different surfaces. Eve, experimental fine artist with dark oriented theme , sometimes with a splash of color. Combines medieval art techniques with religious symbolisms, mythology and adult content.

Both artists are self taught, Eve is currently studying as a Graphic Designer at CUT. Before Mushroom Headz, both of us have made different collaborations, Eve with her makeups, such as video clips for Cypriot Rock and Metal bands, Arrayan Path (2019), R.U.S.T.X. (2019), Devi Brite (2020) and Stonus (2021), as well as collaborative projects with photographers and other artists, like Funky Sadist and more. Jim has took up multiple collaborations usually for commissioned murals for example Ant Comics comic shop mural (2010), Comic Con Cyprus (2015), Monkeynastix nursery mural (2016), Heraclis ice creams mural advertisement for Lanitis (2016), Monster Energy graffiti collaboration for murals and branding (2011-2015) and more.

Together we have made collaborations with Rise Graffiti Hotel (2022), Logos for Bikers clubs and Youtube Channels, as well as other personal commissions. For this Comic Con, our plan is to present Coloring Books for Adults, which will have a selection of our favorite Comic and Animation characters, as well as our own originals.

Our vision for the future is to create our own company, share our art globally on products we, ourselves find exciting.

 To see more of Mushroom Headz’ work make sure to visit their page.