Artist Profile: David Selwood

Our next Featured Artist is the talented David Selwood, illustrator of the graphic novel ‘Aphrodite – The Naked Truth’, Cyprus’ very first adult comic!

To find out more about ‘Aphrodite – The Naked Truth’, visit the official website and Facebook page (explicit content – 18+ only).

The Artist

David Selwood was born in London and in the 1960’s attended Ealing Art College, London, under the direction of Roy Ascott and his team including artists such as R. B. Kitaj and the Cohen Brothers. David learned skills that were to be the foundations of his work that you see today. After a degree course in industrial design at the Central School St Martins, London, he won a travel bursary with one of his designs, enabling him to travel in Europe.

On his return he continued his career as an industrial designer, specialising in the field of lighting and received an award for one his designs from the British Design Council. After building his own natural stone house in rural Wiltshire, he was looking for a new project and encouraged by friends, David returned to his love of art and drawing.

After several exhibitions, and illustrating various children’s books, he recently completed his first graphic novel ‘Aphrodite the Naked Truth’, soon to be followed by HP Lovecraft’s stories ‘The Dunwich Horror’ and ‘At the Mountains of Madness’ with others to follow.

For more info on David Selwood visit his personal website and follow him on Facebook.

The Author

For the last ten years, Christiane Sternberg (b.1965, Berlin), has been living as a writer and journalist in Cyprus, where she has found inspiration, as well as in the travel guides by Marco Polo, Merian and Dumont for many of her short and long stories, including them in her blog and also in her own books.

Her story about the ancient Aphrodisia inspired the artist David Selwood. And together they created the Graphic Novel ‘Aphrodite – The Naked Truth’.

Visit Christiane’s page on Amazon.