Artist Profile: Leonidas Stratigakis

Leonidas Stratigakis was born in Greece but has been living in Cyprus since 8 years old. He is currently 27 years old.

After completing his 2-year Graphic Design degree in Intercollege, Leonidas decided to become a Web Developer and has been working as a professional web developer for about 6 years now.

For more of Leonidas’ work, visit his website!

When not making websites, one will probably find Leonidas in some dark place on the web learning golang or female anatomy (for drawing).

An important influence to Leonidas’ art is Alessandro Barbucci.

He created his own CMS (content management system) and is currently working freelance and creating websites with his CMS.

At some point in his career, Leonidas focused on making simple 2D games, but that phase eventually “faded away elegantly”.

Leonidas has always considered himself more of a techie than an artist, even though he loves sketching women as much as programming. That said – he has admitted to us that he doesn’t really consider myself an “artist”.

What do you think about Leonidas work? We hope everyone at Cyprus Comic Con 2015 will be able to convince him otherwise because he really is talented!