The brackets of Smash Bros Tournament!

smash bros cyWe hope you’ve been practicing because the brackets are out!

We would also like to remind everyone that the tournament starts at 2:00 PM. Anyone who is not present their match is on will be disqualified, giving their matched opponents a default Victory.

Those who are also competing in the cosplay competition should also notify the cosplay team prior to the beginning of the tournament.

8 comments on “The brackets of Smash Bros Tournament!”
  1. WAT

    When we will know what time were going to fight?

  2. Guildmaster Wigglytuff

    The tournament begins at 2:00 PM. Names will be called before the start of every match. If you are not present when your name is called, you will be disqualified.

  3. WAT

    Thanks. Can you tell me the rules of the tournament please?

  4. Pan

    Is there any online registration for the hearthstone tournament?

    • Hi Pan! The Hearthstone tournament article will be up shortly – it’s run by Team MSYD – they are hosting an 8 man legendary player invitational – the players have been selected by repeat legendary status and high tournament success rates, via an online qualifying tournament and one player has been selected via online poll as the ‘people’s favourite’. Will be some very good games to watch! Make sure you check out Team MSYD on Facebook at and also check out their trailer video for the comic con tournament here;

  5. Guildmaster Wigglytuff

    1. Registration fee is ten (10) Euro.

    2. Items are set to “off” and “none”.

    3. Stock is set to three (3) for all games.

    4. Round of 32, round of 16 and quarter-finals are best of 1.

    5. Semi-finals are best of 3. (bo3)

    6. Grand finals are best of 5. (bo5)

    7. In bo3 and bo5 games the losing player may switch character in between matches.

    8. Time is set to 05:00m (ro32, ro16, ro8), 06:00m (bo3), 07:00m (bo5).

    9. Allowed stages: Battlefield, Final Destination (Omega Form only) and Smashville.**


    11. If a player pauses, a TO must resolve the situation in the following way:

    – Unpausing before a TO arrives results in a loss of stock for the unpauser.
    – If the situation is neutral, the match is resumed with no further action.
    – If the player who paused is at a disadvantage, once the game resumes they are to be placed either on the edge of the stage or in an opponent’s grab.
    – If the player who paused is in a “death situation”, their current stock is forfeited immediately.

    12. Players using the WiiMote must remove the batteries when not playing/inactive. Players using the 3DS/XL as a controller must disconnect from the console when not playing/active. If problems or disruptions persist, the offender may be disqualified.

    13. Players are responsible for the functionality of their controller; no malfunction is the responsibility of the organization and should such an occasion arise the opponent may choose to restart the match or take an immediate win.

    14. All tournament rules apply during every match; any rule that is disobeyed is grounds for instant disqualification from the match and tournament altogether.

    15. Any players requiring custom button sets must speak to one of the tournament organizers at least half an hour prior to tournament commencement.

    ** For all bo1 games players must agree before match start which stage they will play on; failure to do so will automatically set the stage to the one they haven’t chosen. In bo3 and bo5 games there will be a complete map rotation beginning from Final Destination.

  6. WAT

    thnx m8 u cool

  7. WAT

    Wait, what if someone pauses the game by mistake?

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