Artist Profile: Leonidas Stivaktis

Meet our next Featured Artist for CCC16, comics creator Leonidas Stivaktis!

Leonidas was born in Athens and uninterestingly (according to him!), spent most of his life there. He doodled his way through school, eventually deciding to accept his fate and study comics and illustration at Ornerakis School of Applied Arts, as well as creative writing in the Kapodistrian University of Athens.

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He has worked in comics and illustration since 2008, mostly working for children’s books and personal projects. Leonidas has been taking part in comic conventions showcasing his work since 2013, so far counting more than eleven issues of comics and zines. He has worked as an art teacher for children aged 6-12 and a graphic designer, and currently he is freelancing as a comic maker and illustrator. Other artistic projects he is currently working on include tattooing, concept art and art journaling. If he ever decides to grow up, he wants to study marine biology and preferably make even more comics!