Artist Profile: John ‘Epsilon’ Ermidis

Cyprus Comic Con welcomes talented illustrator and graffiti artist John Ermidis to this year’s Artists’ Alley!

John Ermidis, aka Epsilon, was born in Athens, where he is still based to this day. He graduated from Ornerakis School of Applied Arts and currently works as a freelance graphic designer, while he dedicates his spare time to drawing comics and illustrations, as well as graffiti art.

At Comicdom Con Athens 2013, John collaborated with artist Gemo (a good friend and colleague) and self-published their first fanzine, starring 3 bad-ass unicorn characters (!), called “The Abominates”. In 2015, Epsilon presented two personal projects, titled “Doodles Inside my Head #1”, and “Zu & Zuni: Zuzu’s Rescue #1“. More recently, at Comicdom Con 2017, Epsilon and Gemo released the second part of their collaborative fanzine, The Abominates, with the title “Worse Than Hell”.

If you are curious to see more of Epsilon’s work, make sure to check him our on Behance and Facebook!