Artist Profile: George Komiotis

Comic book artist George Komiotis is returning to Cyprus Comic Con as a Featured Artist!

George Komiotis has been a freelance artist since 1998. After completing his studies at Ornerakis Applied Arts school, he has since collaborated with several publications, magazines and newspapers, creating comics, strips, illustrations, portraits, children’s books, education books as well as animations.

Visit George’s Deviant Art profile to see more of his illustrations!

George collaborated with the magazine “PC Master”, for which he created the comics “Όχι άλλο κάρβουνο” (a Greek idiom which translates to “enough is enough”) and “Τα παιδιά του λαού” (“Children of the People”). He also collaborated with the magazine “Computer για όλους” (“Computer for everyone”), creating the comics “Alt F4”. He created two comics for insert “9” of newspaper “Ελευθεροτυπία”, called “Ψυχάκιας” (“Psycho”) and “Μούφα” (“Sham”). Additionally, he has collaborated with the insert “Ερευνητές” (“Investigators”) of “Καθημερινή” newspaper, for which he created weekly illustrations and portraits, comics and strips (from 2004 to 2015), as well as many other magazines such as “Maxim”, “Γαλέρα”, “Mετρό”, etc.

He has published two comics, “Ψόφα” (Comicdom Press), as well as “Μούφα” (