Artist Profile: Flor Theodosiou

Cyprus Comic Con welcomes Flor Theodosiou (aka By Trial and Error) to its Artists’ Alley!

Flor is 20 years old, born to a Romanian mother and a Cypriot father, and raised in Limassol. Her creative practice includes mainly illustrating at the moment, something which is evident in almost all of her most recent works, although when she first picked up a marker as an infant, her artistic vision was to become a fine artist, and scribble masterpieces all over her mother’s curtains.

Something that never really changed is her preference to work traditionally the majority of the time, but she feels that aspects of her drawing style are consistently influenced by digital artworks that she sees, such as her line-work and inking—she finds fluid linear styles and crisp designs the most rewarding and immersive to work with. For this reason, while she enjoys experimenting with different media and techniques in order to discover new effects that she can marry together, she often tends to lean more towards materials like markers, gel pens and predominantly ink, due to the continuity and cleanness of the lines when drawn using liquid. She says that ink can be a little unpredictable at times and has a mind of its own, but she truly believes that they have slowly forged a stubborn friendship that can turn accidental spills into something that looks almost intentional!

To see more of Flor’s illustrations, visit her Facebook page.

Furthermore, putting aside the experimental illustrations and video-game/movie inspired drawings, she enjoys narratives, fairy tales and storytelling. She likes symbolic and metaphorical themes or elements in life, and therefore likes to incorporate that in her own stories—sometimes in quite a hyperbolic and gibberish way that’s delivered in figurative techniques which appear very literal. In fact, she very often catches herself strategizing with her colour choices to carry the plot of whatever story she is trying to tell.

At the moment, Flor is working on completing her studies at a local college and getting an HND diploma in the Animation pathway. She has been accepted into a Classical Animation course in Vancouver, along with her partner, Fares Zoghlami, AKA Approtis- and is hoping to attend the course with him next year. Together with her partner, Flor is currently working on creating some art pieces for Comic Con, a combination of Superhero/ Fantasy themes, and they feel that it will be a learning experience to help each other with their art, as they are both proficient in different aspects of it, even though they primarily stick to inks. They had collaborated together on past pieces, but this will be the first time that it’ll be intended to look professional, and to be sold. They are also planning to create a short comic in the future, and hopefully a graphic novel at some point, of a short story they have been writing and illustrating.