Artist Profile: Fares Zoghlami

CCC17 welcomes back talented illustrator Fares Zoghlami to its Artists’ Alley!

Fares is a 20-year-old artist, half Tunisian, half British and has been living in Cyprus for the last three years. He is 6’4 (the average height for most Video Game RPG Protagonists), yet still unable to reach the hoop while playing basketball. He is fluent in British, American and Australian English, and dabbles in a bit of his ancestor’s Arabic tongue. He claims to be an avid film buff and a huge fan of Sci-Fi, Ancient Gods, and the good old Rom-Coms, while he spends most of his free time watching any animation he can find, because he has a profound love and appreciation for the moving arts. One of his recent guilty pleasures has been watching every single DC-Animated film released so far, because who doesn’t love seeing Batman punch Superman multiple times?

He has been drawing since a very young age, with the help of his architect dad and because of his ever-present influence, he has adopted a unique appreciation towards incredibly detailed line work. Fares has been drawing semi-professionally for the last couple of years, working on covers, commissions and illustrations, and so far through all of that, he observes that his style hasn’t changed all that much, except that his technique and proficiency with the materials he uses has increased dramatically! His earlier works from last year were mainly focused on figures and compositional pieces, which at the time he found challenging, but now, it’s just a matter of carefully planning it out. Recently however, he discovered his love for perspective drawings and of scenic and urban visuals (following in his father’s footsteps), and has tried his best to adapt his personal style to fit the new technique, and so far, he is extremely thrilled in how it is turning out!

Visit Fares’ Facebook page for more samples of his illustrations!

Fares recently attended a foundation course in art during which he learnt a new digital techniques which he tried to apply in unison with his existing work in order to make it pop with colour, as he realises that his work sometimes tends to be flat and monochrome. After this Summer finishes, Fares and his partner have both been accepted into the Vancouver Film School’s Animation course, which will hopefully be a fantastic learning experience for both, aiding them on their journey to becoming professionals in the field of illustration and animation.

Having attended the last couple Cyprus Comic Cons as an artist, Fares says they were some of the best days of his artistic adventure, meeting new people and making friends, as well as getting critical input on his art from other attendees and visitors.