Artist Profile: Elpida Kyriakou

The next Featured Artist to showcase their talent at CCC16 is Elpida Kyriakou!

Elpida Kyriakou (aka Elysper) is a young illustrator from Cyprus. Elpida has taken a gap year from education and with the help of Digireal Studios, has been focusing on concept art and character design. As from September, she will be studying 2D Animation at the University of Hertfordshire, in the UK.

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She is mainly a self-taught artist and works both with traditional media as well as digital design, but also on crafts and sculpting. In the meantime, she particularly enjoys making ink and watercolour drawings. She is currently working as a freelance artist and has collaborated with the ‘Dreamcast’ gaming company, ‘Elysian Shadows’, where she created sprites and tiles for their new indie RPG game.

Elpida is an aspiring animator and also dreams of becoming a concept artist and story teller, as well as working in major gaming or film companies. Her goals for the future include her art reaching a global audience and creating comics that will make a difference.