Artist Profile: Eleanna Mavrofrydi

Comic book artist and illustrator Eleanna Mavrofrydi is our newest addition to CCC17’s Artists Alley!

Eleanna was born on 16th of December 1991 in Athens, Greece. Having an appeal to painting from her early years, she attended art classes during her adolescence and in 2014 she graduated from AKTO college with a Bachelor in sketching, comics and cartoons while attending the one-year workshop of Nikos Koutsis for designing and creating comics in Vakalo college. In 2012 she participated in a group fanzine called “Caffeination” and the comic anthology of IDW Publishing, “Womanthology Heroic: Greek Division“. She continued to involve in other forms of artistic work as a stylist & art director of photography, in collaboration with independent Greek clothing brands.

In 2013 she collaborated with the Greek clothing brand, Black n ‘Rose, creating designs for T-shirts, the brand Clic Jewels to create fabrics for their bag collection for Spring/Summer 2015, and the brand “Vatomouro” for which she created handmade notebooks. Finally she has participated in group comics and illustration exhibitions and her last personal work is called “A Motivational Guide to Capitalist Ideology” and the comic book “Omega” where she illustrated a script from the comic book artist Kostas Pantoulas.

To see more of Eleanna’s work, visit her artist blog and profile on Instagram.