Artist Profile: Copper Mouflon

Copper Mouflon is a second year returning artist duo from Cyprus, with a huge passion for comics and storytelling!

The collaboration between writer Christopher Demetriou and illustrator Stella Violari promises the creation of highly-artistic and highly-entertaining graphic novels that will have you thumbing for the next page (or scrolling for the next frame) with bated breath and harrowing excitement!

To see more of Copper Mouflon’s work, visit their Facebook page or sign up on their website for a free sample from their latest comic!

Writer Christopher proclaims a passion for stories of all types and genres and is always on the lookout for a good twist. When not writing stories, he enjoys contemplating the ceiling (he says it helps with creativity, or something), winning every single board game ever thanks to his ridiculously unbelievable luck with the dice, and munching on whatever’s left in the fridge.

Stella studied illustration in the UK and subsequently completed her Masters Degree in the lovely and sunny Cyprus. She has been in love with drawing ever since she could hold a pencil (proof: her mother cries every time someone mentions “white walls” at home) and she is über passionate about games (though unfortunately she cannot beat Chris at board games), comics, anime, cartoons, and movies. In short: if it comes on a screen, she will take it!

Make sure to visit Stella’s personal Facebook page and follow her on Instagram to stay up to date with newest illustrations and projects!

Copper Mouflon will be releasing the first chapter of their graphic novel ‘The Kingdom of the Red Rose’ #1 The Reaper’s Choice at this year’s Cyprus Comic Con and we cannot wait to get our hands on it!