Artist Profile: Claudia Ilona Moussoulos

Talented 3D artist Claudia Ilona Moussoulos is returning to Cyprus Comic Con’s Artists’ Alley!

Claudia’s journey with art started ever since she can remember. As a child she would ask her parents to draw her a Pokemon character and she would sit for hours scrapping a dozen papers to get a sketch close to the perfection of her parents drawing. Years later, she competed and received many prizes and a commendation for her work in international competitions for schools in Europe. With tremendous determination for achievement, she joined the School of Art at Thalia Pontiki, completed the O-levels in Art & Design at age 13 with distinction and later at age 15, A-levels of Art & Design again with distinction.

In October 2009, Claudia had her first painting exhibition titled ‘The First Step’ at the age of 16. The opening was honored by Mrs. Elsi Christofia, wife of the then President of Cyprus. During her time of drawing and producing work for the A-levels of Art & Design, she chose the subject ‘Movement’, which she believes sparked the beginning of her career. At that time, she was analyzing the styles of different artists, combining them with her own to produce a final study, which led her directly to Animation. At 17 years of age, Claudia went for a summer course in Milan at ‘Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti’ to learn the art of ‘Stop-Motion’. At the end of her school years, she was accepted on a course in Bournemouth, U.K. to study Computer Visualization and Animation, where she chose to combine her passion and further education.

Visit Claudia’s website to see more images of her work.

Currently Claudia is the Lead CG Generalist and Concept Artist at Ascanio Entertainment. She deals foremost with 3D modelling and concept art. As CG Generalist, she has a range of tasks that include rigging, texturing, animation, rendering, effects and other creative things. She works closely with the team and Creative Director to create what you experience today in the game; CrashForce. As a passionate gamer and artist, she was always driven to create. She has long hoped for the opportunity to be on the creative side of gaming, so that she can exercise her creativity in a positive environment. Additionally, she also works freelance, and her goal is to create products and services that delight consumers and drive innovation across organizations, by studying and combining multiple styles with her touch of extra twist!

Previous freelance projects include designs for indoor & outdoor areas of an office, company logo designs, 3D models for game development, concept art, book and album covers and more. In her free time, she likes to play games (obviously) and sometimes meetup with other talented artists to draw and brainstorm. During the course of the past year and a half however, she decided to join creative forces with her partner, S.P. (Savvas P.) a talented musician, who showed her some of his lyrics to the album ‘Book of Life‘, he and ‘The Kid’ (Deniel Pavlovsky) were creating at the time. At that point, they decided to transform the world and stories within the music into comic book form. Claudia creates the artwork, while S.P. does the writing. The first comic, which was published and brought to light at the previous Cyprus Comic Con, was ‘Charlie the Scarecrow‘. This year S.P. will be accompanying Claudia at her booth, where they will both be signing their material.

At this years event, Claudia will be presenting sketches, print-outs of her artwork, original comic books, canvas paintings, posters of original comic characters and other artwork, the ‘Book of Life’ music album and knitted little monsters – like tiny little adorable kittens that don’t quite fit with the above material, but she has made too many and her partner won’t let her keep them!