Artist Profile: Chrysso Vassiliou

Chrysso Vassiliou is returning to Cyprus Comic Con as one of our Featured Artists!

Chrysso Vassiliou, (also known as “Chryssv”) is a young self taught freelance artist. She had always loved art but her true passioned awakened about 2-3 years ago, when she started learning digital painting. She loves video games, movies and comics. She is inspired by both eastern(anime/manga) and western cartoons, both 2d and 3d. She has been accepting freelance commissions for the past 2 years, and has been selling her artwork online and showcased her work at several events, including Cyprus Comic Con, Malta Comic Con and Japan Expo!

Stay up to date with Chrysso’s work through her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and DeviantArt profiles! You can also watch her drawing videos on Youtube and visit her online store!

Currently Chrysso is working on becoming a better artist and improving her skills and aspires to work as a professional illustrator and concept artist in the future, for video games, cartoons and movies. Furthermore, she also hopes to expand my skills and knowledge of 3d-art and modeling.