Artist Profile: Antonios Noxis Antoniou

Meet our next Featured Artist, illustrator and concept artist Antonios Noxis Antoniou!

Antonios was born in the beautiful island of Cyprus. From a young age, he remember himself drawing constantly. His dad had bought him a book about dinosaurs when he was 6 years old, and Antonios started re-drawing the beautiful illustrations he could see in its pages. For many years, he would only draw dinosaurs and animals. That changed when he discovered the existence of superheroes. It was love at first sight!

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He started drawing humans and figures and soon enough, he found himself creating his own original characters. Up until this day, he has created more than 100 original superheroes! At the age of 18, Antonios showcased some comic pages with his original characters and received an amazing and exciting amount of feedback. However, difficulties in branding and protecting his copyrights have kept his original characters in the drawers.

After high school he went on to study Illustration and Graphic Design in London. During the first year of his studies, he was given the opportunity to create a poster for his favorite comic company, Marvel. It felt like a miracle, I could not believe it myself. After graduating, he worked for two companies in the U.S., while still living in London, where he is currently based. For those companies, Antonios created character concepts for various projects and that triggered him to experiment with concept art. Lately he is focusing on character and creature design, but continues to draw and illustrate superheroes! His sources of inspiration will always include character design, costumes, comic panels, the invention of worlds and universes.

For the time being, Antonios works as a freelancer and is preparing his portfolio, aiming to apply for the position of a concept artist in big movie studios, like Marvel, Warner Bros Studios etc. As he continues to practice drawing, his style is becoming more and more realistic and conceptual. In the near future, he would like to finally copyright his original characters and publish his very first comic. Who knows, he might even be the next Stan Lee!