The 24hour Superhero Project!

superworkshoptitlefinalPresented by director Michalis Ashickas, the goal of this workshop is to enable the participants to make their own (really) short superhero movie in the duration of the convention using props, equipment and knowledge that are, already, available to them or found on the premises.

The subjects covered are:

1. Intro
2. Basics Of Storytelling (3 act form)
3. Basics of Superhero Story (structure) and implementation to the “three act” story form
4. Basics of Filming (basic shots, camera movement, basic editing)
5. Questions, group allocation, assignment
6. Filming and editing

The participating teams will have 24hours from the end of the workshop to submit a short film shot entirely on CCC’s premises and with a maximum duration of 3 minutes. The filmmakers will have a chance to screen their finished movies at Cyprus Comic Con Film Festival.

The workshop begins at the CCC Film Fest premises (Jean Monnet auditorium) on Saturday 3rd of September 11:15pm. So Superhero UP and flex out your filmmaking powers!