Artist Profile: Anastasia Nicolaou

Young illustrator Anastasia Nicolaou will be one of CCC16’s Featured Artists!

Anastasia is a self-taught artist from Nicosia, Cyprus. As a child, her mother introduced her to the world of art and Anastasia developed a passion that would only grow stronger with time.

To see more of Anastasia’s work, visit her pages on Facebook, Instagram and DeviantArt.

For years, a pencil was all she would use to try and recreate as close as possible what inspired her, but eventually she discovered her love for watercolors, acrylics, and inks through high school, where she got to experiment with new media and take part in several projects and competitions as well as festivals. She recently bought her first graphics tablet, which proved to be a major stepping stone for her craft, as it made digital painting possible and got her working in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Anastasia mostly does fan art for now and a bit of life drawing but she is learning and gradually working on her portfolio and original characters. In the near future, she aspires to continue pursuing art in university and of course later in life as a profession. Some of her favorite artists are Ahmed Aldoori, Ross Tran, Stanley Lau and Josiah Brooks.