Mister S (Michael Drakos)

Cyprus Comic Con wants to welcome Mister S (Michael Drakos) to its Artists’ Alley!

Mike aka Mister S is an illustrator and graphic designer, born, raised and based in the beautiful city of Limassol, Cyprus. He has studied Graphic Design and he has been a proud member of ‘2C Design Box’, a creative multi-space located in Limassol, since his graduation.
He is in love with good design and his passion is to draw illustrations of any kind, but most of all, funky characters. When he creates on paper he likes to combine pencil with black ink, no colour, but when it comes to digital he mostly uses funky, vibrant colours along with black shadows to achieve a high contrast result. His style is influenced from the graffiti culture, since he has been spray painting for many years. Also  another big influence is the graphic design ‘world’, therefore anyone can notice in his illustrations some elements are more graphic.
If you want to see more of Mike’s art, you can follow him on Instagram!