Loukia Chrysafi

We want to welcome Loukia Chrysafi to this year’s Artists’ Alley!

Loukia is mostly self taught, though she had a fellow artist teach her several techniques she was interested in the past and she took on a visual communication and illustration course in university. Though still experimenting on styles and techniques, Loukia enjoys more natural themes, but she likes implementing fantastical details in her work. She feel heavily influenced by east asiatic cultures in terms of themes used in literature and art in general. The traditional Chinese and Japanese ink painting and calligraphy interests her a lot however, she hasn’t got the chance yet to study their techniques up close. It is definitely something she looks forward to doing in the future. She has never really thought about making a living through her art, but it’s just something she really enjoys doing and likes devoting time to develop and experiment further.

Visit Loukia’s Instagram to see more of her artwork!