Christofis Agathokleous

Cyprus Comic Con is excited to announce the return of sculpture artist Christofis Agathokleous to its Artists’ Alley.

Christofis was born in Limassol and more specifically he is from the Agios Tychonas village. He graduated from Linopetra Lyceum, where subsequently he enlisted in the National Guard, and served on the Green Line.He studied Sociology at the School of Humanities at the University of Crete and later on he completed his master’s degree in Criminology at the University of Nicosia. Christofis is an amateur sculptor that creates themed pieces inspired from myths, legends and pop-culture.

He began to develop his skills in sculpture art at a very young age, around the age of 5 or 6. Sculpting has been a recurring passion for Christofis, who continued to practice his art and improve upon it through the process of ‘trial and error’. His creations are primarily inspired by pop culture, including movies, comics, video games, television series, etc.

To see more of Christofis’ creations you can visit his Facebook pages titled ‘Concept sculpting and hand-shaping creations CY‘.

Christofis specialises in two techniques: the first one is traditional sculpting, however incorporating his own aesthetics that approximates the characters as they appear in the comics or cartoons, as opposed to a realistic approach of the human figure. The second technique is hand-shaping, a technique he developed with time and is still developing, which is the creation of figures without the use of armature or any tools other than the artist’s hands.

Today, Christofis lives in Limassol where he currently works and develops his passion for sculpture art. His dream is to spread this type of art throughout the island, as well as to collaborate with people who have developed their sculpture art into different forms and manifestations.