Annisia Iacovou

Cyprus Comic Con welcomes Annisia Iacovou to its Artists’ Alley!

Annisia is an 18 year old, self-taught artist born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus. She discovered her interest in artistic expression through creation; including music and drawing, from a very young age. She has won numerous art contest prizes all around Cyprus. Although she loves to experiment with her art style, her interest usually lies between fantasy and doll-like figures as well more natural themes such as insects and flowers. Moreover, she likes to experiment with different art materials and different types of art such as painting, sculpting and digital art. Annisia is currently focusing on her musical career as she is going to study violin in Germany. One day she aspires to combine her biggest passions, those being Music and Art. Until then she continues to be dedicated in her studies in both subjects and aims to constantly enrich her artistic repertoire.

Check Annisia’s instagram to see more of her amazing art!