Anastasia Kozlova

Anastasia Kozlova is returning back for Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley!

Born in Latvia and raised on the shore of the non-freezing port of the Baltic Sea, Anastasia moved to Cyprus with her family approximately 6 or 7 years ago. As a child, around the age of eight years old, she attended private classes taught by a local artist. That did not last long – the artists’ dog was not quite as fond of an enthusiastic young girl as you would expect it to be. Therefore art became a hobby and English along with normal school subjects became priority. Fortunately, if art lives within you, it never leaves.

There were doodles in class notebooks, copy sketches from local shop supplies of W.I.T.C.H. magazines and finally, a music channel that showed “Chobits” and “Chrono Crusade” in the evening. Later came Internet and the wonders of Studio Ghibli along with more doodles in class notebooks. Anastasia can remember well, that no one could really figure out whether to shout at her, because her grades remained good, while half of her notebooks looked like manga! Somehow, it never became a job, though. She is completely self-taught in art. Meanwhile, she established an Instagram profile and YouTube channel. She is currently working on a story with original characters and filming sketchbook reviews in Russian and English and is part-time designing tattoos, planning to start learning how to “draw” on skin too.

Make sure to visit Anastasia’s profile on Instagram to see more of her work!