Copper Mouflon (Christopher Demetriou & Stella Violari)

Copper Mouflon are returning to the Cyprus Comic Con 2019 Artists’ Alley!

Copper Mouflon is a cooperation between a writer, Christopher Demetriou, and an illustrator, Stella Violari,  both passionate about creating comics, who want to share their stories with the world


Christopher Demetriou, proclaims a passion for stories of all types and is always on the lookout for a good twist. When he’s not writing stories, he’s either consuming them or contemplating the ceiling; he says it helps with creativity or something.


Stella Violari, studied illustration in the UK and has finished her MA in Cyprus. She uses both traditional and digital media for her drawings and likes to show beauty through unconventional ways. If she’s not holding a pen in her hands she’s probably playing video games.

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Work by Copper Mouflon so far includes:

Kingdom of the Red Rose”, Chapter 1: “The Reaper’s Choice
Kingdom of the Red Rose”, Chapter 2: “Train Wreck
Stay Centered” – a short illustrated story.
Penrach Master
Last Moments” – a one-shot 12-page mini comic created in collaboration with WriteCy during a local comics writing class.
Trial Run – Time Travel” part of an anthology with Arledge Comics, a US based independent creator.
Demon’s Drive”, based on the world of George Belaouris.

They are currently working on a webcomic titled“Missing Pieces” that’s updated every 2 weeks. You can read some of their comics for FREE online here.