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One of the stores that will be at this year’s Comic Con is Collector’s Realm!

A passion turned into a profession when in last year in Nicosia, the founders of Collectors Realm, motivated and inspired by their hobbies of collecting and gaming, started importing licensed Statues and Figures.

Our products range from figurines, toys, model kits, statues and their accessories all the way to high-end replicas and life-sized sculptures. Dealers and customers from across the field of collectables agree that one of the hottest items on the market today are products relating to superheroes. Almost any product related to a superhero is a potentially valuable collectable, but among the most popular today are movie and comic book character statues and busts based on superheroes ranging from the all-time classics like Superman and Batman to more obscure and cultish characters.

Superhero statues are the ideal collectibles because they can be openly displayed and are durable and resistant to damage and deterioration from aging. They are three dimensional and often come posed in action poses that truly express the character’s dynamism and appeal. The figures are great conversation pieces and can provoke fun discussions among fans and collectors about the back story behind each of the superhero statues.

Yet beyond their attractive appearance and social significance, movie and comic book character statues and busts are also a valuable investment. The price of superhero statues varies widely, from less than $20 to a thousand dollars or more. But no matter what superhero figures you buy or how much you pay for them you can be sure of one thing; that your statues and busts will only increase in value with the passage of time. That makes superhero figurines the perfect collectible, they are cool to look at, easy to maintain and they only become increasingly more valuable with each passing year.

Come on iiiiin and check out what we got for you… Become a Collector or Just play the trading game with us.

That’s what we stand for. The Collecting Community. Welcome to the Realm!

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6 comments on “Featured shop: Collectors Realm”
  1. Michaela

    What is implied by the ‘trading game’?

    • The trading game comes in when you got Collectible Statues or Action Figures that you got bored of and just need a change in your room. We can trade them in at the shop for a decent price so you can get something else for your collection 🙂

      • Michaela

        Awesome, will we be able to do this at Comic Con or is it restricted to store visits?

  2. Yeah Ofcourse we can do this at Comic Con. Im afraid its gonna be a bit crowdy. You can send us a msg on our page and show us what you got. 🙂

    • Michaela

      Thanks for the info

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