Winter’s Verge are returning to CCC17!

Winter’s Verge are back at Cyprus Comic Con!

Following their appearance at CCC15, Winter’s Verge had a very busy 2016, with shows and festival appearances in Israel, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania in support of their album “IV”. The epic, melodic metal band have spent 2017 hard at work behind the scenes and are very happy to announce that they will be releasing their new EP at CCC ‘17!

Titled “The Wolves of Tiberon”, this concept work tells the tale of epic characters, huge battles, and a story that fits within the world created by Winter’s Verge that all of their music and works take place in. A new storyline within this immersive world will excite existing fans, and draw in new ones.


  1. The Old Man Speaks (Narration)
  2. I am Wolf
  3. “Run” She Said (Narration)
  4. The Gift of a Curse
  5. Becoming a Man (Narration)
  6. The Pirate Hound
  7. The Halcyon (Narration)
  8. For the King
  9. A Wreath of Salt and Foam (Narration)
  10. The Wolves of Tiberon


Exclusive Live Performance @ CCC17!

Winter’s Verge will play on Saturday, 2nd September as part of the CCC After Party and will be performing “The Wolves of Tiberonin its entirety as part of a full set performance for Comic Con, featuring special guests and a stage show specifically produced for CCC!

The show will be a must-see for any fan of epic, melodic metal, and indeed anyone who loves good music, great performances and a fantasy universe worth anyone’s time digging into!

Until then, here are a couple of videos for you to watch and explore the beautiful fantasy world of Winter’s Verge:



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