Team MSYD Hearthstone Legend’s Brawl @ CCC’15!

Everyone! Ha ha. Lookee now, we’ve got a “guest”! Well, well.

Welcome to the Grim GuzzlerThe Grim Guzzler’s brawls are epic tales of legend.

One such legend talks of eight great heroes fighting their way through countless enemy minions and competing for immeasurable glory and fame!

This ain’t no good old-fashioned tavern brawl! Keep reading and you will understand…

It all started when Team MSYD was created.

The birth of Team MSYD was vested upon the absence of a gaming umbrella for gamers in Cyprus and their passion to help the gaming community.

Currently, Team MSYD are focusing solely on Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, which is an online collectible card game developed by Blizzard. Hearthstone, as its motto suggests, is deceptively simple and insanely fun! Which means it is very friendly to new gamers but extremely hard to master, even for card game or strategy savvy players.

Watch Team MSYD’s trailer for Cyprus Comic Con 2015!

Team MSYD‘s aim has been to elevate the quality of gaming in Cyprus as well as provide a platform to aid gamers via guidance, tournaments and an organised group to enhance their gaming experience.

In just 10 months Team MSYD, has become the biggest and most active Hearthstone group in Cyprus, having 860 members, of which over 30 having achieved the rank of legend, and successfully organised 7 Hearthstone tournaments!

Naturally ambitious, (a necessary trait for a gamer) Team MSYD’s vision is multilayered and quite grandiose. First and foremost, they aim to promote the group and attract more members, because they understand that the people hold the quintessence of the group. As gamers themselves, they strive to create a better community for the gamers and a cooperative as well as challenging environment, appealing to the whole spectrum of members. Furthermore, their immediate goals for the following year are to institutionalise Team MSYD, use every endeavour possible to put Cyprus on the international map, expand to other games, and most importantly, be able to provide better rewards for their members!

Team MSYD’s Hearthstone Legend’s Brawl Tournament @ CCC15!

Team MSYD have prepared a number of scheduled activities for Cyprus Comic Con, that culminate with their closed invitational legends tournament which will run through the whole duration of the event, in the CCC Gaming Room.background with ccc

Team MSYD have invited 8 players to take part in their Legend’s Brawl:

  • The first 4 players were selected based on their tournament and ladders achievements
  • After a preliminary tournament where a number of challengers faced against the first 4 confirmed players, three more people conquered a place in the semi-finals
  • And finally, the People’s Choice champion, (selected by poll) filled the last remaining spot for the tournament!

The tournament will have a round-robin format and everybody will play against each other. The Top 4 selected from the Qualifiers Round will go into Semi-Finals, 3rd place match and Finals!

In addition to the tournament, there will be short introductory seminars for beginners and (hopefully) new players of Hearthstone, 10 hours of shout-casting with interviews and commentary of the whole tournament, footage and highlights from tournaments, and a wonderful team of admins to chat and interact with!

What are you waiting for? GET IN HERE! 

Join Team MSYD @ CCC’15 on the 29th of August and witness the epic Hearthstone Legend’s Brawl Tournament! Qualifiers begin at 9:30AM!

See you there!

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