Spyroula Spyrou

I have studied 2D traditional animation in UK and I have worked as a 2D animator at an animation studio in Limassol. During that time, I worked on 10 advertisements and on a short film created by my employer. Since that time, I have worked on creating characters for companies and illustrations for children’s books. I have been drawing ever since I can remember and even though I was forced to work at jobs that were irrelevant with my studies and my passion, I have never stopped drawing. My work mostly consists of drawings and paintings created with traditional media. I am mostly inspired by myths, mythical creatures such as elves and fairies, by mythical stories and novels but also from nature and flowers. My current projects are colored-penciled drawings but I am also thinking of creating an acrylic painting. My future goals are to be able at some point to work full time as an artist by selling my art.

You can find Spyroula’s work here.