Sponsor Announcement: Cyprus.com

The team of Cyprus Comic Con is pleased to announce that Cyprus.com is returning as sponsor for this year’s event!

Cyprus.com – The Leading Portal In Cyprus About Cyprus

Untitled-1Cyprus.com is the top ranked commercial portal about Cyprus and every year connects approximately 2 million business people, locals and tourists with businesses, destinations and events in Cyprus.

Cyprus.com’s reach of over 1,500,000 people is unprecedented in Cyprus across any benchmark as only a handful of advertising media in Cyprus have the ability to reach the numbers of individual engaged consumers that Cyprus.com does.

More importantly, the overwhelming majority of visitors on Cyprus.com are on the site searching for businesses, products and services making it the go-to portal for individuals or enterprises to advertise their offerings. The information on the site is provided by way of its comprehensive database which includes over 40,000 Cypriot businesses in 720 destinations within Cyprus, an events portal updated daily with events taking place all over Cyprus, photos, videos, reviews, geo-tags, articles and more.

Cyprus.com offers the ability to deliver a businesses’ marketing message to consumers at the exact moment they are searching for products and services, through targeted advertising according to the product or business category. It provides ways for any business in Cyprus, regardless of size, to have a strong online presence and offers a channel to reach thousands of new consumers every day.

Cyprus.com continues to strive to be the definitive online source of information about Cyprus, growing at a pace and with innovation unlike any other web property in Cyprus for the promotion of Cypriot enterprise, investment, culture and tourism within Cyprus and abroad.

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