Rafaella Pafiti

Rafaella aka Pixyfer , 30 years old, the tiny tattoo apprentice of Bad Choices Tattoo Club. I’ve been drawing for 18 years (a young adult age). My art journey began because of my obsession with anime, and that eventually grew into a huge admiration for Fine Art, Illustration and Tattoos. Evidently I studied Fine Arts in the UK, graduated in 2014. During my studies I began to dream of following my true aspiration, a career in the Tattoo Industry but that didn’t pan out then, instead I fell into quicksand spiraling with little and big demons (insert drawing of silly little demons with pitchforks stirring me into quicksand) the more I struggled the more stuck I got, when I accepted my fate a fairy angel warrior queen gave me the sword of destiny *read this in a very extravagant way here* and I didn’t know I kinda realized that I’m also a fairy angel warrior queen, making the realization those demons were just scared.. so I became their friend and we have been vibing since and facing things together. I also have a dream of one day making up a silly comic since I have a flair for the dramatic and I have stories swimming inside my brain. I also sometimes stream art on Twitch. Things I find inspiring , well my cats, I’m a cat mom hence starting the series ‘Demon Cats’. I’m hugely inspired by all the artists that I work with they are *chefs kiss* Google Bad Choices Tattoo Club right now, work by illustrators like Pixkefir and Zeenchin is insane. Love love love.

You can find Rafaella’s work here.