Nicos Nipat and Copper Mouflon

Nicos Nipat
Nicos is a self-taught cartoonist and comic book artist from Cyprus who uses traditional and digital media to offer a funny take on everyday situations. Growing up, Nicos covered the margins of his school books in pencil doodles. As an adult, he is constantly amazed at how someone’s feelings can be transferred and communicated to others through artwork. His goal is to achieve the same effect in his work.

Being an artist who wants to keep improving his skills, Nicos likes to wander around town, always equipped with a pen and sketchbook, which he uses to draw observational drawings of unsuspecting bystanders, capturing their souls in his sketchbook forever! Careful. You could be next!

So far, he has taken part in creating comics by collaborating with writers to create short comics as part of an anthology from WriteCy. This local organization ran comic writing lessons and put together the collection. The comic Nicos worked on was titled “Steel Punch”. Beyond such collaborative situations, Nicos is always looking for opportunities and good stories to work on, and he achieves this by taking on various commissions. That is how he ended up doing illustrations for the book “Kingdom of the Red Rose” which was self-published online by the author.

You can find out more about Nicos and his work at his Instagram and Facebook pages.

Christophoros Demetriou (Copper Mouflon)
Christophoros Demetriou is a writer with a singular passion for creating stories. There is nothing he enjoys more in this life than writing stories and sharing them with others. His primary goal is to entertain his audience with unexpected twists and turns that will surprise the readers and cause a stir of emotions. Writing stories for a living is his biggest dream and he is constantly looking for ways to spend the rest of his life making up stories and figuring out the best ways to present them to his audience.

When Christophoros is not writing stories or working at a day job, he is either consuming other people’s stories, contemplating life while holding open a fridge door, or hitting the gym in an attempt to burn off what he ate while standing in front of the fridge; everyone knows it helps with creativity.

His intense love for storytelling has led him to create Copper Mouflon, under which he self-publishes stories he has written. These include comics such as; “Missing Pieces”, a webcomic series on Webtoons that is now completed; “Demons Drive”, a graphic novel; “Pernach Master”, and “Last Moments”, two short comics he wrote for an anthology. He has also written a few short stories and a novel he self-published titled “Kingdom of the Red Rose.”

You can find most of the work he has self-published on his website.