Neil Gibson – TPub Comics

Neil is the editor in chief and CEO of TPub Ltd. Neil never wanted to be a writer, but he just LOVED good comics. As a fan for many years he tried writing one, and to his surprise, people really liked what he wrote. So he published it and his first book went to number one on Amazon Kindle and he quit his job to make comics and never looked back. Neil is entirely self-taught, but he now teaches others how to make comics. He is inspired by stuff that interests him. Neil encourages people who are new to comics or want to learn more about the creation of comics to have a chat with him during Cyprus Comic Con 2019.

TPub is a British comic book publisher and the creators of “Twisted Dark“, “Twisted Light“, “Tabatha“, “Tortured Life“, “Turncoat“, “Theatrics” and “The World of Chub Chub“