Michalis Michailides

Kancer The Crab is the persona taken by Limassol-based graphic designer, Michael ‘Yukis’ that embodies the struggle of the fearless crab. The Crab forges small self-contained story posters inspired directly by early 90’s-2000’s video games that build up his own bigger mythos. Through the storytelling he seeks to make his own examination of life, expressing relatable emotional struggles, providing commentary for concurrent events or getting wacky with memes. With a decade of experience in Adobe software, The Crab seeks to claw itself in the graphic design space of Cyprus after graduating with a Graphic Communications & Illustration degree and permanently cementing himself as a young, innovative yet sensitive creative. The Crab marches towards the blazing horizon, expanding his online presence while working on a new poster series influenced by spaghetti westerns.

You can find Michalis’s work on his Instagram page.