Live Music at the Comic Con Fringe Festival

Our Sunday closing ceremony is the continuation of last year’s live band debut by Winter’s Verge and what we hope will become a tradition at every Cyprus Comic Con event from here on. 

What better way to end Cyprus Comic Con 2016, than loud and live on a warm summer’s evening, surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people with an ice cold drink in hand?

The two groups that will be performing at the Comic Con Fringe Festival stage are Scarlett Echoes and Infected Siren!

Both groups have prepared a real treat for con-goers and aim to bring a loud and proud close to our Comic Con Weekend. Expect their sets to be dripping with pop culture references with plenty of surprises to listen out for!



Scarlett Echoes
Set time: 18:00

Scarlett Echoes formed gradually during August of 2014. The beginning of the band was a challenge since both guitarists were still living and studying abroad. However drummer, bassist and vocalist rehearsed and recorded each and every week, sending the recordings to the two guitarists who in turn practiced using those samples! Talk about willingness to make it work! At this point, the band was doing solely covers of rock, funkrock and bluesrock songs.

Within the next year, two members had to leave and so two new members were added and at that point, the group decided to replace one of the guitars with keyboard and started writing original music!

At the current time, Scarlett Echoes are continuing to write and record, as well as entertaining their audience with fun and challenging, funky rock covers.

Make sure to visit Scarlett Echoes’ profiles on Bandcamp and Youtube for a taste of their sound and also follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with their future plans and upcoming gigs!

Band Members:

Marianna Kofterou: Lead vocals
Elena Erotokritou: Guitars
Milto Constantinou: Keys, secondary vocals
Eliana Pavlou: Bass, secondary vocals
Stella Kouloukousa: Drums


Infected Syren
Set time: 19:00

Infected Syren started off in the UK but are now based in Cyprus. They incorporate punk, metal, rockabilly, swing and horror elements to their music which result in their own unique sound. Infected Syren are currently focusing on recording their debut album.

The band’s biggest appearance to this day was opening for Uriah Heep at the Pavilion hall in 2012. Their live shows are often described as very intense and energetic with a humorous twist!

To find out more, visit the group’s official website. Be sure to also check out their Youtube channel and Facebook, as well as their profile on Bandcamp!

Band Members:

Louis Syrimis: Vocals, Guitar
Constantinos Syrimis: Drums
Constantinos Lyras: Guitar
Miguel Trapezaris: Bass

We are thrilled to have both of these amazing groups closing our weekend celebration of geek and pop culture!

Let’s celebrate our cultural revolution!