Kyriaki Mavroudi

Hello, I am Kyriaki and I’m a storyboard artist and illustrator currently based in Cyprus. Storytelling and character creation has been the way to express my concerns since I remember myself; a way to put forth into the world what words weren’t enough to describe for me. Unavoidably, and quite appropriately, this led me to study animation in Scotland and to then further specialise in storyboarding in TAW, Denmark. My studies aside, I have worked as a freelance illustrator in various projects and commissions, as well as a story artist for commercials. Currently, I am working on the illustration of a children’s book. These experiences notwithstanding, I am an introverted person who struggles with sharing my art. That is why participating in Cyprus Comic Con will not only be a great opportunity to finally take the step and share my art and passion; it will also be a chance for me to embrace myself in a way that celebrates both me and my art.

You can find Kyriaki’s work on her Instagram page.