Kung Fury @ CCC’15 Film Festival!

We are thrilled to inform you that Internet short film sensation KUNG FURY will have an official screening at this year’s Cyprus Comic Con Film Festival on August 29!

Kung_Fury_posterThe outrageous, spectacular martial arts action comedy was written and directed by David Sandberg, a Swedish filmmaker, who is also starring as the lead role in the film! David wrote the script in 2012 and filmed the trailer with a team of friends, which was later released on Kickstarter in 2013.

The two-minute trailer has since racked up more than 12 million views on Youtube, while the Kickstarter campaign became a major success with more than 17,000 worldwide backers, who pledged over $630,000 total to help bring Kung Fury to life!

With the success of the Kickstarter campaign, the crowd-funded 30-minute film was released online May 28th, free for everyone to watch.

Kung Fury now has almost 20 million views, of which the first 11 million were earned in just 5 days! The film didn’t achieve popularity only for its absurd, action-packed scenes but also because it was crafted with much love towards the 1980s martial arts and action movies it pays homage to.

Fun fact: The film was shot entirely in front of a green screen, proving the power of visual effects today!

Neon animations, analog synthesizers, static VHS breaks, cheesy special effects, Nintendo’s Power Glove and pre-kill puns are only some of the 1980s nostalgia featured in Kung Fury, with the best being David Hasselhoff‘s participation in the film, in a tribute to the 1982 series Knight Rider he starred in.

Furthermore, David Hasselhoff recorded the soundtrack to Kung Fury, “True Survivor“, which also features classic 1980s videography. The soundtrack video on Youtube quickly went viral after its release last April and has earned over 17 million views to this day.

Make sure to stop by Kyrenia lecture theatre in the basement floor of Filoxenia Conference Centre to catch the screening of Kung Fury! The full Film Festival schedule will be announced very soon with details on screening times and more!

Now get ready for some geeky retro action!

Watch the Kung Fury trailer below: