Introducing Fringe Festival – For You, By You!

Fringe festival is something coined by MCM London Comic Con – it’s a totally free collection of outdoor meet-ups and activities organized by no one more important and powerful (in the over 9000 sense) than you yourself!

At this year’s Cyprus Comic Con we have a lovely outdoor space – we got things started by adding geeky music, yummy food, ice cold drinks, a second hand and a handicraft bazaar! We know it’s going to be hot so we’re doing our best to keep things cool by providing fans and plenty of shade – just make sure you’re dressed for the beach!

So on to the meat of it – do you want to organize a fan meetup for your favourite game, movie, anime, manga, comic or character? Fancy organizing a flash mob or some graffiti? Are you really good at free running and going to be dressed as Ezio Auditore? Are you the only furry or brony in Cyprus? Sign-up below and we’ll publish and promote your Naruto meet-up or Caramelldansen flash mob making sure like-minded people find and join you!

It’s a great way to meet new people, break the ice and socialize at comic con!