Featured Shop: Imago

IMAGOImago is an idea that came about around a year ago by founder Michael Solon. The ambition was to create a company that would incorporate innovative technologies in the 3D space to offer services and products to companies and customers a like. This led Michael to seek out the different components needed to accomplish this task. With years of experience in the 3D Printing, Imago sought specialist in engineering, marketing and design to create team that could offer customers a fresh and exciting opportunity to see their ideas become a reality.

Their hunt for ambitious and creative individuals led to the involvement of Stavros Serghides, Nick Angelides and Lefteris Kokkinakis who form the key members of their team. Imago incorporates all the latest in 3D Printing, Scanning and 3D Environment advancements to create new ways of serving the market.

Imago plans to give everyone a taste of what Imago can do this year at Cyprus’ Comic Con. They have created great replicas, items and custom collectibles that they just love and can’t wait to give you a chance to see and own.


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