Featured Shop: Ant Comics at CCC’14!

Ant Comics is proud to announce our participation at the very first CCC 2014!!!

We are currently the oldest comic book shop in Cyprus. Located in the old City of Nicosia, the shop opened in a fit of madness from two childhood friends that couldn’t find their geeky fixes anywhere on the island. The shop has served as the leveling ground for many a geek here in Cyprus for close to a decade, and will continue to do so for years to come.

You will find us ready and present at the Ant Comics booth, with a large selection of old and new comics books, the largest selection of graphic novels and manga on the island, as well as stupendous offers on rare comics, amazing collectibles and stuff that were never before made available at our local shop.

For CCC 14, we have a few special things planned:
1)      Official Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament. Bring your cards, get ready to register, huge booster set prizes await the first 3 spots, with an extra secret prize thrown in.
2)      The Ant Comics ruffle, only this year, the stakes are higher:
– The prize is Dynamic Forces Amazing Spider-man #1, signed by Dan slot, and
– The Star Wars #1 Midtown Variant + more signed variants for 2nd and third place.
3)      Talk entitled “A brief history of comics in Cyprus”, or “How I learned to stop worrying and love the geek I have become!”
4)      Discounts on selected Graphic Novels and T-shirts
5)      All comics at 50% discount
6)      Plus lots and lots of more prizes and surprises.

See you at the greatest celebration of the 9th art to ever happen on our little island.