Featured Shop: Fingerprint Blockmountings

Banner_ORG-01For a third year in a row, Fingerprint Blockmountings will be with us again, offering cool Blockmount and Coaster designs!

Using Vacuumed Hot press, Fingerprint Blockmountings preserve your personal photos, art prints, digital art, posters, and anything you can think of, with their unique process called Block Mounting. A process that binds any medium using high heat and pressure. It will marry the photograph together with the protective lamination, and the wood base. They can blockmount any sizes up to 160cm x 100cm, on 12mm of MDF wood.

This year they are upping their game with over 250 blockmounts and clocks, 400+ coasters and few surprises that they believe are going to be HUGE. Furthermore, they have incorporated metallic paper with their blockmounts that gives amazing shine on all the colours.

Last but not least, the store has revealed to us that they are preparing the biggest surprise yet which they will only unveil at their booth! According to Fingerprint Blockmountings, it’s such a big surprise that they had to rent a second booth space just to be able to fit it! That’s all we are going to hint at for now!

Visit the store’s website, as well as its page on Facebook and Instagram – or call 99 606626

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