Featured Band: Winter’s Verge

Cyprus Comic Con is proud to announce WINTER’S VERGE as one of the headlining bands for CCC19’S Outdoor Festival!

One of Cyprus’ longest-running metal bands, WINTER’S VERGE will be taking part in the 5th annual Cyprus Comic Con. The band has a strong fantasy/epic theme, and playing at CCC will feel like being right at home. This is the biggest stage in Cyprus for anyone who loves the fantasy genre as a whole, so there could not be a better place for WINTER’S VERGE to perform!

Following the release of The Wolves of Tiberon EP at CCC 2017, WINTER’S VERGE now have 3 new members in the band to take up the places left by departing guitarists Harrys Pari and Andy Kopriva – the renowned and highly-respected guitarists Marios Danos and Deniel Pavlovsky joined the band in 2018, and the multi-talented Donn Torres also joined to take up the place at the keyboards. An outstanding introductory show was played in December 2018, and the new lineup is ready for more action!

Make sure to visit Winter’s Verge’s website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel.

WINTER’S VERGE would also like to announce that a new album is in the works and almost complete, just in time to be previewed at CCC 2019. The album will be titled The Ballad of James Tig, and will be another concept album taking place within the self-contained world of WINTER’S VERGE.

Much like the previous release of the band (Wolves of Tiberon), The Ballad of James Tig will break fresh ground, colliding two mediums to tell an epic story and will mark the band’s first full-length release since 2015’s IV. The album was written and developed in tandem with a novella of the same name, both telling the epic story of Captain Tig who after losing his entire family as a child to what he believed to be an oceanic legendary horror, promises to avenge them only to discover that not all is as it seems. The lyrics of the album and the novella itself were written by the established Cypriot writer Frixos Masouras who has been aboard the WINTER’S VERGE train since 2016, molding and enrichening the world which the band’s music inhabits. The very first edition of book will be available at the WINTER’S VERGE stand at CCC2019, in limited numbers so come get your copy directly from the author’s hands alongside the entire band!

Listen to The Wolves of Tiberton to get a taste of Winter’s Verge epic sound!

The new album will be more epic and detailed than anything the band has released in the past, making CCC 2019 the ideal place for an exclusive live preview.

WINTER’S VERGE will be closing the CCC2019 in style! The place to be for all lovers of music, heavy metal, power/epic metal, fantasy fiction and a good time in general!