EuroCosplay Qualifier Winners 2018

Having been ran as as an online contest due to the postponement of CCC18, this year’s Cypriot EuroCosplay Qualifier was unavoidably not the grand spectacle that it usually is. Nevertheless with a prize pool of €1000 and an array of very high quality entries, it did not disappoint! Congratulations to all contestants! We are proud to announce our winners:

1st Place

Gloria Roussou (Alcaria Cosplay)
As Legion Commander (Flight of the Valkyrie)
From Dota 2


Gloria will be representing Cyprus at the EuroCosplay Championship Final in London MCM Expo on the 27th of October 2018. It has taken her 8 months to handcraft the whole costume. Here’s the process in her own words:

Made the whole costume myself. The chestpiece, helmet and weapon were made out of foam (5mm and 10mm dense) and got covered by Worbla’s Black art. The gems were also made by worbla (crystal art) which was painted while hot. The shoulders and bracers were made out of 5mm soft foam. The feet and leg armour was layered craft foam. The wings’ basic shape was from pvc tubes, attached to an acrylic sheet, with screws. The acrylic was the backplate that was used to hold the weight of the wings. The rest were made out of dense 10mm foam, both spine and “feathery” parts. The fabric on the gemmed decorations, in the back of the wings was hemmed and then painted with acrylic paint on a custom stencil. I couldn’t find a nose ring stud, so I made a fake circle nose ring from a looping pin and I covered it in a very thin layer of foam.

The foam was shaped with heat gun and a rotary tool and then primed with PVA glue and painted with acrylics. Due to the multiple colours of the foam sheets, I had to paint the whole armour a solid black colour, before doing the base colours and shadow/highlights. According to the reference pictures, there are 2 different shades of red on the costume: a dark shade on the chest and lower shoulders, and a lighter shade in all the other pieces. That meant that I had to wait until all the pieces were ready before mixing and preparing the paint, so that the colours would match. In the end, I found it a lot easier, instead of colour washing the fine details in the cracks and nooks of the pieces, I simply got markers with 3 different sizes and just drew the details myself.

2nd Place

Sofoklis Sofokleous (Umbra Cosplay)
As Lightning (Flower of Battle DLC Costume)
From Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13


3rd Place

Tatiana Anisimova (Molza)
As Sarah Williams
From Labyrinth